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- Elephants are just adorable and this shot is pretty much awesome.

- The inside scoop on the inspiration behind the designers at bridal market. Thank you Martha Stewart!

- Lovely Bride’s Instagram was rockin’ during Bridal Market? Oh yah. Follow us @lovelybride!

- We love Claire Danes and here are some of her hot red carpet appearances.

- It’s becoming sweater weather and we can always work this transition in the “degrees” with a loose sweater and cute pieces like this hot outfit.

- Speaking of style, I don’t think black and white will ever go out.

- We are in love with this ethereal gown from one of our favorite designers, Elizabeth Dye. So romantic. I feel like we’re in a fairytale.

- One of my favorite online decor magazines, Lonny Magazine, is celebrating one year. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s a must for any decor-savvy gal.

- A runway report of Lauren Conrad’s favorite gowns from the Bridal Fashion Week.


- Now Relax, it’s the weekend!

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“Meet The Designer” – Anna Campbell


We are very pleased indeed to introduce our lovelies to the very creative and talented Anna Campbell. I know you have heard quite a bit about her already and have become obsessed just like we are about her gowns. But now we get to delve into this classy lady and get to know her a little better. In my interview with her, she is definitely irresistible just like her gowns.


You currently live in Melbourne, Australia! What do you love most about it?

Melbourne has the most incredible food! I love cooking so this is really important to me, it is what I do to relax. Melbourne is a big city, but it is only 45 minutes drive to the country. I am able to work and live in the city during the week, then drive out and go horse riding each weekend in the country.


Married? Pets? What did you wear for your wedding?!?


I got engaged this time last year, and we had the most beautiful engagement party at my parents property in February.  We haven’t planned our wedding as of yet, but I cant wait to!



What would you call your personal style? Favorite outfit to wear?

I love getting dressed up, coming from Melbourne my wardrobe is mostly black, I love lace, beading and details which is clear through my designs too. I also enjoy being very comfortable, so on my studio days where I am not seeing any clients, I am almost always in sweats!

You began designing headpieces, do you still make them for your brides?

Yes we do! We have a beautiful accessories range which compliments our dresses perfectly – they will be coming to the Trunk shows too!



If you could be in a different profession, would you and what would it be?

I think I would be a chef. Growing up I worked as a cook in a kitchen which catered for weddings. I still love cooking, it is very creative, and like design you can really pour your heart into it.

What made you want to start designing? And what inspires you to keep going?

I think I always just enjoyed being creative. I always loved making things, drawing things, and creating. I am so blessed to be living this extraordinary life of being a designer, and running my own company. As the label grows my role gets better and better. Initially I needed to run the whole business from every fitting, every dress being made, accounts, design, promotion, logistics, and so on. Now I am a creative director, and my role really involves design, promotion, and events, I take on a handful of brides each year with our Made to Measure range, as well as overseeing the whole business. It really is a dream job, and I work with the most incredible team of girls, and family members too, so I could never give it up!


Are all of your gowns handmade?

Every single one! Each gown is made in Melbourne, Australia. Each dress also has the embellishments and laces stitched on by hand.

Tell me about the inspiration behind the Belle Ivorie Collection. What is unique about these gowns and sets them apart from other gowns?

The Belle Ivoire range is really a celebration of our gorgeous brides. They are designed for the fashionable and often DIY bride who want a vintage, soft aesthetic. The beadwork and lace in the range is truly beautiful, and the cuts are just so flattering and comfortable to wear. The quality of the silks we have used is also really incredible, we wanted to bring a high end, handmade style luxury with breathtaking laces and embellishments, to a ready to wear range.

Any silly or just “you” traits you would like to incorporate so our brides get a real sense of who you are?

This is a hard one! My personality is much more down to earth than most clients would imagine, I am really just a country girl who loved art in highschool, worked very hard, got a break and never looked back! I get quite embarrassed when I am helping out in one of our boutiques, and a client that I have been serving realises I am the designer and makes a big fuss! Clients always imagined that I would be much older or much scarier!


Well we have just become smitten kittens and can’t wait for these upcoming trunk shows of the Anna Campbell Belle Ivorie Collection. We know you ladies don’t want to miss out, so starting with Lovely NYC, the Anna Campbell Trunk Show this coming weekend, Oct. 18-20th. Then followed by a trunk show at Lovely LA Oct. 25-27th! We’ll see you there!

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Meet the Stylists: Alyssa of Lovely New York


Alyssa is one of our most treasured stylists here at Lovely New York; she is fantastic with brides, and behind the scenes as well!  Alyssa keeps our office ship shape, and is so passionate about bridal- not to mention her bubbly personality is positively contagious!

Lovely: Tell us a little about yourself..

Alyssa: I have been at Lovely since November of 2012.  I am absolutely obsessed with the bridal industry and can’t imagine myself doing anything else! I grew up in Long Island, and now live in a cozy neighborhood in Brooklyn. My favorite season is approaching us.. Winter!  I am a sucker for wearing [faux] fur and sipping hot chocolate!

Lovely: What do you like about working at Lovely?

Alyssa: Lovely is such a warm environment, everyday something exciting always seems to happen. We make up a great team; everyone has their own individual style, which mixes things up nicely!  Plus my coworkers are so genuine and sweet, which makes coming in everyday that much more fun!


Lovely: What is your favorite dress in Lovely, and how would you style it?

Alyssa: My favorite dress right now is Hayley Paige “Kira”.  The flowy skirt allows a perfect amount of movement with a romantic feel, while the lace bodice remains traditional.  I would style it by adding some type of lace sleeve, and “something blue” heels.  I love the look of a fuller skirt, with lace long- sleeves, and an open back.


Lovely: Any tips or tricks you’d like to share with our brides to be?

Alyssa: I always tell my brides, if it looks interesting on the hanger, just try it on! You never know what shape a dress may take on your body, and you can truly be pleasantly surprised.  I have had tons of brides purchase something completely different then the dress they had envisioned in their head or pinned on their pinterest board!
Lovely:  Thanks so much Alyssa. Lots of good advice, and you can’t help but love her sunny personality!
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Colored Gem Engagement Rings


Now more than ever I am starting to see the the prettiest colors popping up on the left hands of my brides. The colored gem engagement ring can be a birthstone, a favorite color, or a gorgeous antique from an estate sale.  Theses rings are certainly unique, from a brilliant yellow diamond, to an elegant emerald, or a sapphire, like Kate Middleton’s!

Emerald2 Champagne diamonds have been a recent trend as well, they would pair so nicely with a blush wedding gown!  See Whitney’s round-up of black diamond engagement rings here for more inspiration.




Yellow diamond/ Emerald 1/ Emerald 2/ Cognac 1/ Champagne / Cognac 2/ Sapphire 1/ Sapphire 2 / Sapphire 3

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