Trunk Show Tuesday


Watters will be presenting their Trunk Show this weekend at Lovely LA and then will travel across the country to our East Coast brides at Lovely NY.

This article, 10 Minutes with Vatana Watters, is sure to get you inspired to try on her gorgeous gowns.

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We love Nicole Miller gowns for their classic shapes and gorgeous back detailing. Luckily they will be traveling all over the country in the coming weeks for Lovely Brides to try!

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Real Wedding: Heather and Tyler’s Michigan Wedding

Between Heather’s gorgeous floral headpiece, their ‘couldn’t be more perfect’ spring weather, and pretty pastel bouquets, this wedding has stolen our hearts! Smiling ear to ear, this sweet couple wed late May in Hartland, Michigan. Heather’s Watters gown fit her so gracefully and was perfectly accented with classic jewelry. She added a more modern edge with funky shoes and her amazing headpiece.

heather1 heather2

Tell us about THE dress and what inspired your look.

While dress shopping, I had initially convinced myself that I wanted something very simple, and would possibly accessorize with bold statement jewelry. My mother, on the other hand, loved all the big, poufy dresses that I just was not into. I started off at Lovely NYC by trying on relatively simple dresses, which I liked, but nothing clicked for me. My stylist at Lovely encouraged me to try on a dress that my mom had picked out, even though I didn’t think I would like it. While that was not the dress, I was surprised that I didn’t hate it, and I became more open to other styles and silhouettes. My stylist at Lovely then came back with the most gorgeous Watters lace dress in a beautiful dark ivory color. The fit and flare cut and the lace detailing instantly made me fall in love! I knew it was The Dress as soon as I put it on, and my mother agreed. I tried on a few other dresses, but I came back to this stunning lace dress when I realized I couldn’t picture myself walking down the aisle in anything else.

heather3 heather4

What were the most important details to pulling off your dream wedding?

It was important to me for the wedding to be simple yet still beautiful. Since we had a spring wedding, I knew I wanted to capture a light, fresh, welcoming feeling. The flowers were what helped the most! I hired the most amazing florist, Susan McCleary of Passionflower, to really bring our historic venue to life. I wanted colors like blush pink, peach, cream, and grey against the dark wood of our venue; Susan helped echo and accent my vision perfectly with gorgeous centerpieces and bouquets for myself and my bridal party by using flowers like peonies, astilbe, Juliet roses, sweet peas, and dusty miller. Because I loved my dress so much, I also incorporated lace details on the table settings and the cake. When I look back at my wedding photos, I am still so taken by how beautiful everything looked!

heather5 heather6

What was the most memorable moment?

I know this will probably sound cliché, but everything people say is absolutely true. When I walked down the aisle and saw my soon-to-be husband Tyler, everything made total sense. The months of planning and worrying over details totally left me, and I focused on putting one foot in front of the other. When I made it to the end, I finally looked around and was overwhelmed by emotion. My friends and family were surrounding us, the sun was shining, and I was standing in front of my best friend, about to be married. Definitely a moment I will never forget!

heather7 heather8

If you could give future brides any advice, what would it be?

Everyone will have an opinion (and I did sometimes ask for them!) but at the end of the day, a bride should trust her own aesthetic. I’m glad I am able to look back and remember that I stayed true to what I wanted my wedding day to look like. It was very important to me that my guests have a great time celebrating our wedding, so it made me very happy to see everyone dancing and enjoying the DJ and other details that I picked, like our photo booth, signature cocktail, or our favors, handmade chocolates from Detroit. Watching my friends and family have a good time made all of the planning and deliberating well worth it!

heather9 heather10

heather & tyler // wedding highlights from northfox media on Vimeo.

DRESS DESIGNER: Watters Pasadena


Veil: Love Veils

Floral Headpiece: Susan Mcleary of Passionflower

Shoes: Chie Mihara/BHLDN

Sash: Hitherto/BHLDN

PHOTOGRAPHER: Sandy Morrow of Capturing Subtleties Photography

FLORIST: Passionflower

WEDDING PLANNER: Day of Coordination by Viva la Diva


Videographer: Logan Chadd of Northfox Media 

Wedding Venue: Waldenwoods in Hartland, MI

Hair: Katie Terranova

Makeup: Andrea Duchesneau

A big thank you to Heather and Tyler for sharing their wedding with us!

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A Valentine’s Day Fire Sale for The Cream!

You are going to want to take advantage of this promo, Brides! Today The Cream is offering two tickets to their ultra cool Bridal Showcase in LA March 9th for $75! Tickets are regularly $50 a piece. The Cream strives to bring the raddest crop of people in weddings together for one day for you to take advantage of! This year Lovely LA will be representing our gorgeous gowns at the event. Hurry and get your tickets as the sale is one day only ending Saturday February 15th at 10am!


Check out 100 Layer Cake’s coverage of last year’s Cream Event. Parts 1, 2, and will get you pumped for this years festivities!

Visit The Cream’s website here to buy your tickets and view this years crop!


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Skating Into Shop Lovely’s Spring Collection.

We are so excited to give you a sneak peek into our latest Shop Lovely shoot! With the Winter Olympics in full swing, it could not be more appropriate to share our whimsical, figure skater inspired shoot. These dresses are only a glimpse into the offerings of the Shop Lovely Spring Collection, so look for them all to be available soon! Our gorgeous model Molly was kind enough to answer some of our burning questions about the life of a professional figure skater.



When did you first start skating?

I started skating at the age of five, and I was certainly no natural. It got to the point where my parents were worried that I would want to quit because I was sitting on the ice so much (having fallen with no help to get up). Sometimes, the beginning stages can be unpleasant. But I soldiered through and got hooked up with a young coach who helped me to grasp the basics – enough to transition from group lessons to privates. From there, my investment in the sport was quickly solidified, skating for hours each day and even missing lunchtime in elementary school to fit in extra practice with my coaches. I never once regretted my non-traditional childhood, always loving the sport and loving my time on the ice. Even socially, all of my best friendships (still enduring) came from my skating experiences. The figure skating community is a great one to be a part of.




What is your favorite thing about it?

By far, my favorite aspect of the sport is the artistry. My strength has always been choreography and musical interpretation – partially due to natural inclination, but mostly thanks to genius choreographers who nurtured my talent wholeheartedly and without reservation (Jill Scott-Enerson, Sebastien Britten, David Wilson). To step onto a clean and empty sheet of ice, play a piece of music that I love, and feel the wind on my face as I connect to the music through movements is my own slice of heaven. As a result, following my competitive career, I have loved building relationships with young skaters and fostering their own artistic talents as a part-time choreographer.



What was your favorite costume you ever wore?

My dressmaker, Julie McDonough, was a master of her craft. In my last year of competitive skating, she created an all-black ensemble to suit my fierce-but-sassy flamenco program set to Rodrigo y Gabriella’s Stairway to Heaven. Detailed cutouts (it almost looked laser cut) covered the body of the dress, with black mesh filling the spaces where the black velvet was omitted. I paired it with a bright red lip. It was simply divine. I felt sexy and strong when I donned it for competition – a great mindset for a female athlete.


What is the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you on the rink?

Oh, there was the time I fell during practice ice at a competition and smashed my very round, oversized Laura Ashley glasses – promoting a quick transition to contact lenses at the ripe old age of 10!


What is your most cherished skating memory?

In 2008, the United States Figure Skating Championships took place in my hometown of St. Paul. Coming off of a win at the Midwestern Sectional Championships, I was treated to a Nationals surrounded by family and friends. In the short program, I was last to skate. This meant a packed house, already thoroughly riled from the previous performers (including Olympians Rachael Flatt and Ashley Wagner). I skated a clean program, enjoying every moment and feeling completely connected to the audience – smiling all the way through. As I took my bow, I soaked up the positive energy and caught a glimpse of my entire family holding signs to spell my name (O-B-E-R and a big yellow star). It was magical, really; a moment I’ll never forget.

Thank you so much to Molly for sharing her talents with us!

Visit Shop Lovely to check out our current offerings, and stay tuned for the arrival of the Spring Collection!

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A Bride Asks: What Should I Expect From My Makeup Artist?

This week we sat down with makeup artist Kristen Therese to get the scoop on what to expect from your makeup artist for your wedding! Should you wear traditional foundation or airbrushed? False lashes or real? Kristen has the tips to make sure you look your best on the big day!


What should the bride expect at your first meeting?

Your first meeting with your makeup artist should be where you not only test to see if you like what they do for your makeup, but it is also when you get to know each other and make sure that personalities jive.  Remember, this person will be responsible for how you look on your most important day.  You need to be comfortable voicing your opinion but also feel as though you are in good hands.

The first meeting is usually what makeup artists call the trial.  At the trial, you should get a full makeup application, just as how you would on the day of your wedding.  Your trial is, after all, a “TRY ALL” so if you are thinking about trying airbrush or false lashes, try it at the trial.  This meeting is supposed to be where you both discuss and create your look together.  If the eyeliner needs to be a little thicker or you want to try a different lip color, this is the opportunity to try these options.  A bride should not expect two complete applications though.  If you ask your makeup artist to do one look then take it off completely and do another look, know that you may have to pay a bit more.  Most trials are for one application, with tweaks.

Helpful Tip:  If you are interested in airbrush vs. traditional foundation you can ask your makeup artist to do one side airbrush and one side traditional so you can see the difference.


What information is it helpful for the bride to provide?

Details like the colors in the wedding, what your dress looks like, what you are thinking about doing with your hair, and where the wedding is located are very helpful.  Your makeup is part of the whole look and you want to make sure it goes.  So if you’re having a sunset wedding on the beach and wearing a flowing Grecian gown, hopefully your makeup artist isn’t giving you and old Hollywood glam look.  It just wouldn’t go.

Pictures of makeup looks are always helpful but you must understand that they are for inspiration.  It is hard for a makeup artist to completely copy a makeup look because everyone’s face is different and it will of course, look different on you vs. the picture of the model you brought in.


What is the most difficult request to fill?

The most difficult question I get is “can you cover my wrinkles?” There are so many products on the market that promise budge proof this and wrinkle erasing that, making it sometimes hard to explain to a bride that unless you don’t smile or make any facial expression at all, your makeup will move with you throughout the day and if you have a wrinkle, your skin will wrinkle.  The right makeup will absolutely diffuse the look of any lines you have, making your photos appear more flawless, but making wrinkles disappear completely is impossible to do.


We see so many Red Carpet images that are a good 20-30 feet away from these celebrities and we think they are completely flawless, so when you hold a mirror 2 inches from your face and still see some fine lines, you think the makeup isn’t done well, but in all reality, if you got up close to all those celebrities (the ones without Botox) you’d see all their fine lines as well.  Makeup needs to move with you throughout the day and be able to still stay on throughout all your smiling and laughing, so the real test of good makeup is if you still have it on at the end of the night!


How many times should she expect to meet with you?

At least once before the Wedding but if you do your trial 5 months or more before the Wedding, you probably want to do a second trial a month before.  I find that my brides that book me early (which is always best to do… by April, most bookings are set for the rest of the year) sometimes discover things during their planning and have a different idea of what they might want just before the big day.  Also, I find that it is a feeling of security having another trial run closer to the Wedding.   It puts a lot of brides at ease.


What is the best advice you have for her on her big day?

Don’t expect to stay completely on schedule no matter how well you plan ahead.  There will most likely be at least one thing that throws your timeline off.  I always work with my brides to create a timeline for hair and makeup on their wedding day and I pad the timeline because I know it will get thrown off by a late bridesmaid or a last minute craft project that needs to be completed. Even on my own Wedding day, we didn’t stick to the timeline but we all got to the ceremony on time so that’s all that matters!  So just keep the end goal in mind and you’ll have a much more pleasant morning!


What do you need the bride to do the day of?

Well hopefully the bride has gotten a facial a few weeks before the Wedding or has been taking really good care of her skin so that I don’t have to use any exfoliant on her that morning.  I just want my brides to have a fresh, clean face.  Also, if there is any way that the bride can separate herself from her group while she is having hair and makeup done, it is best for everyone.  The bride really should have some time to be pampered and if there are people all around asking questions it not only will throw you off your schedule but it also stresses the bride and makes it difficult for the hair and makeup artist to do the best job they can.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to redo the glue on lashes because it dried up as the bride jumped out of the chair to go tend to someone.


Anything else you would like to add?

The morning of your Wedding really sets the tone for the rest of the day so make sure that you are relaxed, are surrounded by people that you know and trust (bridal party and vendors), and have a good time.  Oh and make sure there is music playing!

Kristen also provided us with an amazing checklist covering almost anything you could need to prepare for the beauty portion of your day!

  1. RESEARCH First, do some research on the range of pricing for a makeup artist in your area so there are no big surprises.  Generally, the more in demand an artist becomes, the higher the fee, however, there are still plenty of up and coming talented artists that fall into the average price range for your area.  If you can’t afford the most experienced, make sure to prioritize what is important to you when speaking to your potential makeup artist.
  2. NUMBERS Know who is having makeup done on your wedding day. You may want decide if you will pay for your bridal party or not and have a discussion with your bridesmaids about this before your research.  Knowing the number of people helps the makeup artist properly quote you and block out time for your day, plus can sometimes give you some bargaining power if you have a large group.  Hello bundle pricing!
  3. LIST Make a list.  What are you most concerned about for that day?  Is it problematic skin?  Do you have a limited timeframe yet have 12 bridesmaids?  Writing out all of your questions and concerns ahead of time will only help the research process and will easily weed out the artists that cannot accommodate your requests.  Also, collecting images for inspiration will help give you direction in your research and give you a better eye on what to look for in an artist’s portfolio.
  4. REFERRALS Ask for referrals from friends and vendors.  A lot of this business is based on referrals. Check out these artists’ website or blog.  If you cannot find a web presence, be cautious as their level of professionalism may not be on the level you are looking for.  Browse their portfolios and read through their sites.  Does anyone stand out to you?  Sometimes the look and feel along with the tone of voice of someone’s web presence can give you a nice look into their personality.  Make sure you like that person.  Check for pricing and make sure they are in your range and then reach out to two to three artists.
  5. TRIALS Bring lots of questions to your trials.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to like the person who will be responsible for how you look on your Wedding day.  Ask them how they got into the business and how long have they been doing this.  Ask for advice on skin prep leading up to the Wedding.  Also ask for fun or crazy stories from past Weddings.  I always love to tell my clients about my “black eyed bride” and the random products I used to cover itJ  Throughout your trial, make sure your artist is listening to you while giving his/her opinion.  You want the look to be your vision with the guidance and execution of the artist.

Note: if you bring pictures to your trial, try to have an open mind about what you will look like in comparison to the picture.  Keep in mind that images we see in magazines are highly retouched.  Also, if you are blonde with blue eyes, chances are the look on a brown eyed, black haired model will not look the same.

A big thanks to Kristen for sharing her knowledge!

Photos via Ashley Therese and

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