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Awesome Gifts For HIM – The Lovely Gift Guide


Finding the perfect holiday gift for HIM can be intimidating. Sometimes, girls are the easy ones and then we have no idea what to do for the boys in our lives. Well I’m hoping that this guide of “Gifts For HIM” will give you some inspiration. And don’t forget to check out yesterday’s post on gift giving for the ladies and Monday’s post on A Few Of Our Favorite Things!
1. The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Essential Oil & Brush: $80 Can’t go wrong with a man smelling divine after he shaves. And I think there’s something very sophisticated about doing it somewhat old school.
2. Timex Striped Band Weekender Watch: $45 I don’t think he’ll need to wait for the weekend to wear this watch. I think it’ll quickly become a staple in his everyday wear.
3. Kindle Fire HD Tablet: $139 This has all the bells and whistles and a fraction of the cost of an iPad. Has ultra-fast web browsing, and a 7″ HD display for all his movies and TV shows that he likes to watch.
4. Apple iPhone 5: $199-$399 You know he wants one, and I have to say they are pretty cool. If you want him smiling ear to ear, this is a sure bet.
5. Guy Gourmet Cookbook: $21 Want your guy to be able to eat all the hearty things he wants, but also want to make sure that he stays lean and mean? This cookbook has been overseen by healthy food enthusiasts from Men’s Health and is sure to win him (and you!) over.
6. Always Perfect Chef’s Fork 3-Piece Set: $110 Speaking of food and perhaps that means grilling too, make sure your guy has the best of the best, with this grilling set. Everything he needs besides the food.
7. Wine & Cheese Cooler with Accessories: $35 Want him to take you out to the beach or to a park to wine and dine you? Here’s a hint hint for him, but I’m sure he will love it too.
8. Classic Backgammon Set: $34 Have him test his gaming skills not with a video game, but a classic one on one match. Let’s all increase our brainpower. I’d also like to think this would likely be a favorite of men like James Bond.
9.VANS® For J.Crew Suede Chukka Boots: $70 Available in Dress Blues or Camel, your guy can pretty much wear them with anything, not to mention I’ve been told how comfortable they are. Your guy will definitely appreciate your taste in style and an eye on a relaxed fit perfect for the weekend.

Time to go shopping!!

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Happy Thanksgiving Lovelies!

We are very thankful and feel very blessed for beautiful gowns, things that sparkle, and of course all of you lovelies. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Nest of Posies

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Wedding Desserts from Around the World

Ever wonder what people in other countries eat for dessert at their wedding?  I guess it’s not something that would normally cross your mind, but as the owner of an incurable sweet tooth- it’s something I’ve definitely thought about.  Incorporating a dessert from your country of origin is a great way to make your wedding more unique and representative of personal culture.

Here’s a small taste of what other cultures have to offer after the main course is over:

KOREA- Tteok, ddeok, duk, dduk, ddeog, thuck (steamed rice cakes, served with dried fruit, nuts, and tea)


FRANCE- Croquembouche (cream filled pastries), tartes, and cannelet au rhum



MEXICO-  Polvorones (wedding cookies)


ENGLAND- Fruit cake (yes.. you read this correctly)


BRAZIL- Bem Casados (individual sponge cake with dulce de leche filling)


INDONESIA- Lapis surabaya (layered cake)



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Four Things.

..Because everyone loves a mid week roundup!

Lovely things from around the web:


This experience has recently been added to my bucket list.  Riding up high in a hot air balloon, seeing the Fall foliage glitter beneath you?  It’s the stuff dreams are made of.


The talented Candice Kumai has done it again- get the recipe for these Pumpkin Spiced Doughnuts here!


I adore this bird print dress.  As our friends from PORTLANDIA say: “Put a bird on it!”

AND- This costume is sure to be a hit tomorrow, it’s perfect for a group of friends who need a last minute idea!


Hot air balloon/ Donuts/ Fall outfit/ Emoji costume

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Trendy Tuesday


Lately punk and plaid have been experiencing a revival, beginning with trend marching down the Fall 2013 runways, and peaking with the recent “PUNK: chaos to culture” exhibition at The Met.  The marriage of a tough leather jacket with a spunky tartan print (or houndstooth) is always an intriguing one. Add some brogues and sinister earrings, put your best Sid Vicious face on, and you’re ready to start the day!


Leather jacket/ skirt/ brogues/ earrings/ body lotion


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