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Real Wedding With Kristen & Shane

KristenandShane1Kristen and Shane. Gorgeous couple, and as you can see in just one photograph, there is so much love and enjoyment in each other. You must admit, their love, even through pictures, is incredibly inspiring.

A quaint, intimate wedding up in Mammoth, CA. is where this sweet duo made their vows and were officiated by a friend. And as Kristen gives us a little insight to this momental occasion, we are in awe, yet again, of this wonderful Lovely bride and her amazing man.

kristenandShane2LOVELY:  Tell us about THE dress and what inspired your look. 

Kristen:  I had a hard time finding the perfect dress. Our wedding was just months away and after five dress appointments, I hadn’t found it. I wanted a dress that had the romance and tradition of a wedding dress, but without the frills. I tried on a lot of dresses that were flattering but not “me”, or beautiful but wrong for the small, informal wedding we were having. I knew I wanted to get my dress from Lovely, and actually it was during my second Lovely appointment that I found it. What inspired my look the most was whether I could picture myself as Shane’s bride in it. And when I put my dress on, I could.




LOVELY: What were the most important details to pulling off your dream wedding?

Kristen:   Ours was a destination wedding with less than 30 guests. Shane and I wanted it to be simple, honest, and meaningful. We also wanted it to be a beautiful day for our loved ones who were traveling with us. We made each other our priority, and kept the details to a minimum (a bare minimum; we even used bridesmaid bouquets as centerpieces). The simplicity of our day allowed us to really be present and experience every minute of it!




LOVELY: What was the most memorable moment?

Kristen:   I loved our whole day from start to finish so much. I’ve narrowed it down to three favorites. Just before getting ready to head to the ceremony site, I had begun to feel exhausted and overwhelmed. I took a minute to step outside alone and open a card that Shane had written to me. He had written one word on the cover, “forever” and I immediately started crying happy tears. That moment brought me back to where I needed to be, reminded me why we were there, and made me so excited to just go see him. The whole day was a dream. I loved our casual ceremony, officiated by a friend, and the atmosphere of joy and support from our teary-eyed family and friends. One moment I’ll never forget was that one of the first things we did as a married couple was to pet a deer that had walked by during dinner. She was so gentle and beautiful and it was just one more thing adding to the once-in-a-lifetime experience of the day.



LOVELY: If you could give future brides any advice, what would it be?

Kristen:   I wish I had all the answers but I think we all just get through the madness, right? It only happens once, so allow yourself to be in your moments and don’t make the day overly complicated. At the end of the day you should be able to look at your husband and know that the day was really, truly about your love for each other and the commitment you’ve made. Everything else is just a bonus.


DRESS DESIGNER: Theia /SHOES: “Native” by ELF  /PHOTOGRAPHER: Ben Christensen /FLORIST: The Little Branch /HAIR AND MAKEUP: Kami Christensen /VENUE: Convict Lake Resort, Mammoth CA  /BRIDESMAID DRESSES: Anthropologie

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A Very Special Engagement, starring Leslie and Fronnie


This Wednesday is a wonderful one, as I get to bring you the stunning engagement photos of Leslie Dievendorf and his fiance, Fronnie Lewis!  Their photos demonstrate a level of romance little seen these days.


The couple met at church in Burbank, California; Fronnie said Leslie was hard to miss, as he was “tall, handsome, and distinguished looking.”  Leslie was impressed with Fronnie’s dedication to the church’s gardening efforts, and after all, who could resist that wonderfully warm smile?  Well, it seemed that he couldn’t.  Leslie and Fronnie grew closer as they started volunteering at the church’s outreach breakfast on Saturday mornings in the latter part of 2011.


Leslie is a landscape architect, and Fronnie is currently the publisher and editor of a news-based website for Burbank.  They both hoped to find someone with similar values and as you can see from the love that radiates from their photos, it was well worth the wait.


I would describe the venue for their engagement photo shoot as “Old Hollywood” meets tropical paradise. Undoubtedly, the Robinson Gardens in Beverly Hills was the perfect setting to capture this couple’s magical love for each other.


I’ll leave you with Leslie’s description of his proposal to Fronnie:

“I was at Fronnie’s apartment one evening in November of 2012. We had been talking the whole time, but then she sat down at the dining room table opposite me. I had been seeing her for about a year and thought this was a good time to pop the question.  So I got down on both knees. I looked into her beautiful face and asked: “Will you marry me?”  Happily, she said yes.  The rest is history.”

The beautiful photography is courtesy of Emily and Justin, at Chaffin Cade Photography.

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Saturdays Surf – For The Men In Our Lives

Let’s not forget about the men, ladies. If you live or have ever been to New York, you’ve probably heard of Saturday’s Surf NYC, if only for the fact that it’s the perfect place to find your new super cute surfer boyfriend. Besides that though, Saturday’s is a coffee shop and surf shop. Wait, surf in New York City? Yes, it exists! Located on the quaint Crosby street, it really is one of my favorite places to hang. Plus, I love to buy my husband their shirts and bathing suits. And we all know that a well dressed man is your best accessory!

All photos from Saturday’s Surf website

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Come party with Lovely and Leanne!

This Thursday at Lovely NYC!!! What better reason for an impromptu party than to welcome the awesome Leanne Marshall to our store. Did you see her interview on Merci New York? Check it out here! And rsvp at The more the merrier!

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Engagement Shoot – A Carriage Ride to Remember

Carrie and Scott’s proposal story is one for the books.  Lovely, classic, and in always-romantic Central Park, Scott asked Carrie to be his wife on a night full of beautiful moments that the couple will treasure forever.  These engagement photos by Alexandra Meseke capture the couple in that blissful time before they wed (Carrie will be in a Lovely dress, no less!) and we are smitten with how authentic and sweet the images feel!

From Carrie: Scott proposed to me on March 9th, 2011 in Central Park. Scott is a doctor and he was coming up on one of the two-week vacation periods that he is granted each year. He was getting ready to leave for our hometown of Denver, Colorado. Scott had informed me a week prior that he had planned a fun date night for us, but that it was a surprise. I tried to get the surprise out of him but I was unsuccessful! The night of the date, Scott told me to dress warm, but dressy. (For a girl who loves clothes and everything else girly this was REALLY difficult!) Regardless, I was ready by the time he had told me to be.

We got into the cab and Scott informed the driver to go to Central Park West and 7th. We pulled up to Central Park where all of the carriage rides began and Scott told me that he had gotten me a carriage ride. Of course it was freezing this particular night, but I was excited regardless. We then began the ride and the driver stopped at various sites in the park that were touristy. We pulled into the fountain area and the driver asked us if we would like to get out and pose for a picture together. We both got out of the carriage and I noticed Scott had gotten very quiet and almost nervous. The driver asked if I wanted to feed the horse a carrot and I said “Sure”. I fed the horse the carrot and when I turned around Scott was down on his knee. He told me how much he loved me and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and asked me to marry him! I of course said yes and following the proposal there were lots of tears and lots of phone calls home to tell our friends and family the good news. Following, we went to a great dinner and feasted on onion rings and champagne – it was perfect!  We are now planning to marry next summer in Vail, Colorado and are so excited!

Photography by Alexandra Meseke, Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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