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Vintage Beauties

To celebrate Lovely’s appreciation for all things vintage, I thought I would share some old and beautiful photographs with you.  When I was a little girl my grandparents had an older house with a very steep staircase; along the wall hung about 30 black and white photographs of stern looking great grandparents, marriage certificates, and small children in matching sailor outfits.  The babies were always pictured in long, lacy dresses- even the boys!

I always envisioned decorating my own staircase with vintage photos, and although I’m far from a homeowner, a girl can dream!

You can arrange the photographs in different patterns, and use tarnished frames of different colored metals for variation.  And by all means, don’t limit your vintage beauties to the staircase– decorate the guest room and bathroom too.  Working with different subjects, such as Vogue magazine divas, classic city architecture, and royal family wedding photos will add to the intrigue.

Vintage prints can be ordered here:





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Whites & Neutrals – Lovely At Home

Nothing says fresh like whites and neutrals. There is something so comforting about these hues, it just makes me want to open the windows and let my white curtains blow in the wind. Thought we would start off the week with this image, and though it may be back to work, the thought is very calming.

When decorating with this natural palette, search for different textures. A silver and gold sequined pillow looks great to a chenille throw on the couch, and a wood chopping block compliments white subway tiles on your backsplash in the kitchen.

Any plants or flowers of course brighten up these simple rooms, and I love using white pitchers and glass vases for them.

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Six Lamps To Light Up Your Life / Lovely At Home

Light up your life with any of these six lamps that can really change a room from drab and dark to lit up with charm. Neutral colors for lamps and lamp shades are always a win, and can be used later in case your color scheme changes.

Hang a chandelier in the entry way of your home with this starburst of a lamp. Surely to immediately enhance the welcome area with that cheerful welcome home feel.

A modest skinny lamp can fit anywhere, and I like this one because of the little scale like detail to give it some texture. You can totally use this in a seaside beach house, and also in a shabby chic lounge/ living room.

Floor lamps are placed strategically and I like them over a reading chair. It solidifies the the little nook where you read your Shakespeare. OK, maybe the latest Dan Brown is more like it.

Now you can go totally modern with these two scoop translucent lamps. The color keeps you open for differences in decor, but the main focus of these lamps is art. Place them on top of a dresser with black and white photos of far off countries to give that posh feel to a room.

Oh so many choices! What will you do with yourself and these lamps to light up your life?

1./ 2./ 3./ 4./ 5./ 6.Wooden Blocked Drop Lamps

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Summer BBQ Checklist!

As the summer months are approaching, and Memorial Day is right around the next corner, I thought BBQ-ing with some friends either in your own backyard, on the beach or in the park sound AH-MAZ-ING. But of course you need all the proper aspects of a perfect BBQ. Summer drinks, like these red bandana tied mason jars full of a sweet mojito and topped with red and white striped straws are definitely a conversation starter…in more ways than one. Good food, good conversation, and don’t forget the lighting! Bonfires to roast your marshmallows for s’mores, or just being surrounded by citronella candles hanging from the trees above you is just perfect. So here’s to having a smashingly good BBQ and let us know how it went!

1. Red Bandana Mojito!

2. The Perfect Grill

3. Cater your next BBQ but make sure you get a must-have checkered tablecloth

4. Flowered centerpieces will give a focal point and bring about a “pretty” atmosphere. 

5. Kabobs! Need I say more?

6. Bonfire it up, or DIY these awesome wine bottle tiki torches!

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Love To Decorate With Candlesticks

Decorating with candlesticks is one of my favorite things. They are great! Distressed or new, they can give an area height when it didn’t before and bring interest to the eye. And of course let’s not forget their original use. Usually very inexpensive and you can find really interesting sticks from flea markets or for maybe more of a glam look, Zgallerie is great!

Another enjoyable aspect about decorating with candlesticks is that they are convenient to move. I have about three different sets of tall candlesticks, and I probably move them to change things up about 3 times a month. These are ones I’ve been looking at on Etsy. Another great avenue to find your next decorating obsession.

Low White Candlestick/ Mint Green/ Seaside Distressed Candlesticks/ Several Pop  Color Sticks

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