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Summer Honeymoon Fashion

For those of you lovebirds who had the perfect June, or are coming up on your July or August wedding, here is a step in the next direction.  That’s right- it’s honeymoon fashion time!

We’ve cultivated a few looks for your European city escapes that are both practical and fashion forward.  If you’re still planning your trip, you can reference this post on honeymoon locales.

As a former resident of Amsterdam and Milan, I know a thing or two about dressing in Europe.  The first items that always go into my suitcase are practical flats and wedges. There are cobblestones galore in Europe’s old storied cities, and you don’t want to get the vacation off on the wrong foot (but if you do- I highly recommend these bandaids).    Secondly, I bring an arsenal of basic yet beautiful dresses and separates.

I love having solid colored pieces that I can jazz up with printed or bright accessories, which brings me to my third tip: accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.  If Europe is one thing, it’s trendy.  The good news is, if you didn’t bring it- you can buy it!  Save room in your suitcase for flea market jewelry, and vintage shoes.  Live it up on your honeymoon, and be sure to give a style show to your Instagram followers- they’ll simply fall in love!



Fun Firenze:

1. E. Porselli ballet flats

2. Hester dress

3. Printed scarf

Notting Hill:

1. Chronograph watch

2. Monroe dress

3. Metallic wedge

Edgy Berlin:

1. Geometric spike earring

2. Black crop top

3. Baby blue trousers

4. Leather mini satchel




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Lovely Loves Steven Allen

I always forget how much I love Steven Allen. Their selection of clothing and accessories mimics exactly how I’d like my closet to look – well edited, ready for the beach, and not so serious. I recently went through their inventory and put together three looks perfect for this summer.

All photos courtesy of Steven Allen. 

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Lovely Loves Bensimon Sneakers

Now that vacation time is coming up, I’ve unpacked my trusty Bensimon sneakers. France’s answer to Keds are these cute, colorful sneakers that seem to be growing in popularity. I bought my pair a few years ago in ‘watermelon’ and they are the perfect compliment to just about any outfit. I especially love to pack them on my annual trip to visit my husband’s family in Italy because they’re perfect for long walks in the piazza’s and once they’ve reached their dirtiness capacity, I toss them in the washer!

Photo of women wearing Bensimon sneakers from Style Lovely and photos of sneakers from Bensimon.

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Honeymoon Packing Guide {Tropical Edition!}

Vacation after vacation I’ve come to realize that packing really is an art. An art that my mother-in-law has so gracefully mastered after forty years of traveling. If she’s any indication of the time it takes to master the art then I’ve got a long way to go! Throughout the years though, I have picked up some essential tips and tricks that make packing for vacations a little less painful. This time around, we’re heading to the tropics with our Tropical Honeymoon Packing Guide, inspired by my honeymoon which I blogged about yesterday.

MUJI TRAVEL BOTTLES because they make packing your favorite over 3.4 oz creams and perfumes that much either.  A CROSSOVER PURSE because as much as you love your Celine bag, sometimes you just need a bag that can get banged up through airport security and boat trips. WATER BOTTLE because that tropical heat will get to you and staying hydrated should be your number one priority (I got this beautiful BKR one at Blogshop and fell in love!)!

A COMFY DRESS that you can always rely on, day and night. A LIGHT SCARF just incase it gets chilly. SNEAKERS so that you’re feet don’t get tired after long hikes. And a good PAIR OF SUNNIES cause you always want to look cool and collected, no matter the temperature.

CLINIQUES MOISTURE SURGE SPRAY so that your face stays hydrated and in spray form so you don’t have to be constantly touching your face with your hands. An EYE MASK because who knows if you’re hotel will have blinds! LIP BALM so that your lips stay kissable. BENEFIT’S POSIE TINT so that your cheeks stay rosy no matter the amount of tan you put on. TISSUES for every kind of emergency, really. HAND SANITIZER so that germs don’t spread! HAND LOTION so that your hands stay holdable. A PORTABLE BRUSH just incase your hair gets…naughty. And finally, SUNSCREEN because we all want to be healthy looking women down the road!

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Honeymoon Diaries – An Indian Adventure!

I thought it would be fun to do a little recap of my honeymoon thus far. As most of you know, I got married last month (wedding photos coming soon, I promise!)! For our honeymoon, we knew we wanted to go somewhere different – somewhere that would be new and adventurous. Why not India?! While Nicholas (my husband) has been to India before, I haven’t and that made me scared. All my travels thus far have been in places that aren’t so different from America and I knew India would be very different. And boy, was I right!

Our first stop was in Udaipur, India. Udaipur is a lake town that consists a town and a bunch of really nice palaces (all which have been converted to hotels!) I called this our “soft landing” into India because although the streets were packed and my senses were blown, I’ve was told this was nothing compared to the big cities like New Delhi and Mumbai. Our days in Udaipur consisted of chai teas (yummy!) and lots of Indian food.

Me with my hand henna!

Oh yeah, did I mention we’re kind of on a couples honeymoon? We’re with our best friends who also just got recently married!

Udaipur reminded me a lot of Lake Como in Italy.

I can’t wait to share the second leg of the trip! Until then, namaste!

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