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Charming Gifts For HER – The Lovely Gift Guide


Lovely’s Holiday Gift Guide has arrived and these awesome “Gifts For HER” can for sure go to a number of loving receivers. Stay tuned tomorrow for our guide on “Gifts for HIM.”

1. Buffalo Check Peacoat: $295 Who doesn’t love (and need!) a peacoat this winter? And why not make it a classic that she will wear year after year.
2. Gold Flatware Set: $29-$104 These golden silverware sets are charming and are perfect for the hostess with the most-est!
3. Whitewash Wooden Pen Box: $25 Your creative blogger girl will thank you for this gorgeous pen/pencil box to place on her desk! Stylish and useful, the perfect combo for such a go-getter like her.
4. Inspirational iPhone Case: $35 Give the gift of inspiration and encouragement every time she picks up her phone.
5. Carlisle Street Mini iPad Folio: $65 She’ll travel in style with this adorable iPad Mini case and it’s making me want one already!
6. BFF Ring: $30 Your BFF will wear it everyday. I know I would.
7. Ana Embellished Hat: $79.50 Who doesn’t love a little sparkle on their head? It will definitely keep your girl warm with it’s woven wool and cashmere quality.
8. Le Vernis CHANEL Nail Polish: $27 Gorgeous in whatever color you choose for her. This one is “Taboo” but “Paparazzi” and “Delight” are beautiful too!
9.RAY-BAN® Original Aviator Sunglasses with Polarized Pink Lenses: $195 Ray-Ban has been around for awhile and there’s a reason why. Give your girl these pink ones. They can work well for any season and make the face glow no matter her outfit.
10. Gold “Hey Y’all” Print: $20 If you are in a pinch and need something fast, this print or other sayings will be not only thoughtful but can be design fun for your girl. Maybe she frames it in her room, or maybe needs a fun quote to hang at work. It’s a win win that she will undoubtedly appreciate.

Happy Holiday gift hunting! Don’t forget tomorrow we have “Gifts For HIM.”

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Comfy Cozy Coffee Cozies!

CoffeemugcozytitlecardAh, yes, as we move into cooler temperatures, we warm our bodies by drinking coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and hot apple cider. And why not add a little decor to our favorite coffee mug? These cozies are adorable and an easy knit too if you’re in the mood. I also think they would be a great gift to give this holiday season. Enjoy, and let’s get cozy!





Red Knit Cozie/ Je Taime/ Winter Animal Cup Cozies/ Cable Knit Crochet/ Chic N Warm

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Starring Astrological Jewelry

Lovely Ladies are becoming more and more obsessed with astrological jewelry. Simple and clean cut to the point, (quite literally), these pieces of jewelry are dainty, substantial, and shows a little bit more of the person wearing it. Make it personal by having it engraved and pin-pricked to share your astrological sign or just a constellation of the sky can turn just a piece of gold into a unique jewelry piece. Not only is it eye catching, but perhaps a great conversation starter. There are many styles and designs, but these are just a few.

Anthropologie Astro Bracelet/ Cancer Sign Tag/ Etsy Constellation Necklace/ Astrological Talisman

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Let’s Go Glamping!

Apparently “glamping” is a thing- and that couldn’t make me happier.  Not one for roughing it, my one and only camping trip with my family as a child went sour: rain for days, rocks under sleeping bags, and mosquitoes out to kill.

Recently, friends have asked if I might accompany them on a camping trip.  I had to think really hard about that.  Until I did a little research and came up with a fabulous idea- why don’t we go glamping instead?  Let me tell you, a warm shower, and some colorful linens can make all the difference!

Summer is the best time to glamp, as the weather is warm, and perfect for hiking, swimming, and (my favorite!) roasting marshmallows.  Here are some ideas to make your experience, well, more glamorous!

1. Antique lantern

2. Simple face wipes

3. Hiking top

4. Eco backpack

5. Ombre glasses

6. Waterproof tablecloth

7. Sleeping roll

Palmar Tent Lodge/French glamping tipi/ Fancy s’mores/ Shelter-co campsite


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Vintage Beauties

To celebrate Lovely’s appreciation for all things vintage, I thought I would share some old and beautiful photographs with you.  When I was a little girl my grandparents had an older house with a very steep staircase; along the wall hung about 30 black and white photographs of stern looking great grandparents, marriage certificates, and small children in matching sailor outfits.  The babies were always pictured in long, lacy dresses- even the boys!

I always envisioned decorating my own staircase with vintage photos, and although I’m far from a homeowner, a girl can dream!

You can arrange the photographs in different patterns, and use tarnished frames of different colored metals for variation.  And by all means, don’t limit your vintage beauties to the staircase– decorate the guest room and bathroom too.  Working with different subjects, such as Vogue magazine divas, classic city architecture, and royal family wedding photos will add to the intrigue.

Vintage prints can be ordered here:





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