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I Dream Of Theia!


638 1/2 N. Robertson Blvd.

Courtyard Entrance

West Hollywood, CA. 90069


313 West 4th St.

New York, New York 10014

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Pin Board DIY

Pin Board DIY has got to be the easiest one yet!  I hadn’t seen my room mate in a few days as our schedules were just not meeting up. In redecorating our apartment like I usually do, I had a painting we weren’t using and doesn’t really go with any of our stuff. Lauren, (my roomie), had a space on her wall she didn’t know what to do with because the painting wasn’t going to work. So, having some extra fabric from my Craftbox DIY, it was the perfect amount to cover the canvas and make a pin board for her. She was very surprised and excited when she got home late that night and immediately started putting things up on the board. :)

What you need first is a canvas or painting you are not using. Then of course, scissors, straight pins, a hammer, some ribbon or a roll of inch wide burlap, and depending on your size of canvas, 1 yrd of fabric. I used 1 yard for mine. SIDE NOTE: Because the painting could possibly be used again in the future, I wanted to make it easy for the fabric to come off. If you are sure you don’t want the painting anymore, or you have a plain canvas, I would reinforce the backside with cork board. Target has some great cork board squares that would make it easy to put behind the canvas, securing it with hot glue or super glue if you like.

Step 1: Place evenly the fabric across the canvas. Making sure there is enough, probably an inch or two worth of fabric on all sides.

Step 2: Fold over the fabric and with your straight pins, hammer it into the wooden edges. SIDE NOTE: A more permanent construction would be to glue it down. Continue with hammering the pins all the way around the edges till the fabric is stationary.

Step 3: Measure out the ribbon or burlap roll across the board. Cut and pin onto the board. If more permanent, glue only the ends to the board and pin every so long along the ribbon, so you can still slide cards or pictures underneath the ribbon.

You can make a design with the ribbon/burlap, maybe criss crossing them making diamond shapes.

Step 4: Just place pictures, cards, notes, reminders with pins or sliding them under the ribbon like I did. Easy Peasy! And easy to change! A great DIY too for friends to do, a birthday gift, or something you can do with your kids for their rooms! Make it a vision board for things you’d like to do, a great place for a bucket list, or perhaps a fun way to show what chores need to be done for the kiddies! 😉 -Whit

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Blogshop – What I Loved & Learned

Last week I had the pleasure of attending BLOGSHOP at Patina Studios (heads up! This is an amazing raw space in Brooklyn if you’re looking for a rad wedding venue) in Brooklyn, New York. Now, if you haven’t heard of blogshop then it’s definitely time you do. Especially if you’re a blogger. I’d love to share what I learned and love during my two days at Blogshop!

Blogshop is a two day Photoshop course taught by the lovely Bri and Angela.What makes Blogshop so great is that it’s geared towards bloggers. You’re taught the ins and outs of Photoshop and learn how to apply the techniques you’ve learned to different elements of your blog. Now, I will have to say that going into this, I knew my way around Photoshop pretty well however, this class just took my abilities to the next level. Bri and Angela teach you how to be effective on Photoshop and point out the mistakes that you might be making which could possibly be the reason it takes you two hours to compile a post rather than one.

What I really loved about Blogshop is the vibe the whole two days gives off.  The minute you walk into the usually white, raw space, you feel like you’ve arrived at your super cool friend’s house that lives in an awesome loft in Chinatown and where your best nights always happen. Beautiful flower arrangements adorn the perfectly rustic wooden tables. Basically, I want my whole house to look as if it was a Blogshop class.

Oh, and let me not forget the good stuff: the food & goodie bags! Our first day was catered my MexiCue which was insanely delicious and our second day was catered by Radish which, you guessed it, was insanely delicious. We scored some awesome goodies like my new favorite thing in the whole world, my pink BKR water bottle!

If you’re interested in attending Blogshop, make sure to check out what cities they’ll be in next! I highly recommend it to all bloggers.

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Saturdays Surf – For The Men In Our Lives

Let’s not forget about the men, ladies. If you live or have ever been to New York, you’ve probably heard of Saturday’s Surf NYC, if only for the fact that it’s the perfect place to find your new super cute surfer boyfriend. Besides that though, Saturday’s is a coffee shop and surf shop. Wait, surf in New York City? Yes, it exists! Located on the quaint Crosby street, it really is one of my favorite places to hang. Plus, I love to buy my husband their shirts and bathing suits. And we all know that a well dressed man is your best accessory!

All photos from Saturday’s Surf website

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Vintage Boutique – “Hide & Seek”

What a treasure!! On my day off, I was in search of small gift for my boyfriend’s grams, and stumbled upon the cutest boutique. The old 1950’s suitcase that I did here last week as a DIY, was found here at Hide & Seek. And I DID find a beautiful silk and cashmere scarf for Grams! I was able to chat with the owner, Breeze Munson, and was so charmed by her and her daughter Kimberly’s desire to re-use and re-invent forgotten pieces. Because of their love for nostalgia, they started a business to bring the same happiness they have to others who appreciate these vintage finds as much as they do. I was delighted to learn that they do weddings, as Breeze is also a wedding photographer on occasion, and will rent to the film studios too! Being in the wedding industry, I see a lot of vintage inspired weddings, but the greatest thing about it, is that no vintage piece is the same, so you will always have a unique perspective in any styling situation. Be that for weddings or for your home. I highly recommend Hide & Seek for your treasure hunting, and if you happen to be in the Studio City, CA area, make sure you drop by and say hello to Breeze and Kimberly!

{all photos by me! with many thanks to Breeze Munson and Kimberly Curtis}

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