Friday Wrap Up! – The Lovely List

{Oh So Beautiful Paper}

  • This sweet collection of Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid invites are adorable! Who would say no?!
  • Favorite DIY of the week is very vintage and has a little Barber Shop Quartet in the air. LOVE that they thought to make these for the groomsmen boutonnieres!

{Blush Beauty}

  • Alright, let it be known, we are a little obsessed with Carol Hannah Whitfield. Um, hello, what gorgeousness will she come up with next! Look at this beautiful blush gown! Let it be known, you can order this dress through Lovely and it does come in other colors!
  • So you are looking to find one dress that will work for all your bridesmaids? Or you don’t mind them having different dresses, but where and what will look cohesive together? These might just do the trick! And this little number can and will be worn again, promise!
  • A whimsical traveling twosome? Look no further for this little bit of inspirational couple!

{Awww Engagement}

  • Everyone on the count of 3. 1, 2, …aawww! This engagement shoot in San Luis Obispo is nothing short of darling! They look so happy, and such a sweet couple playing chess while on a picnic. Okay, one more time…aawww!!
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1 Shane Presley | 01.14.13 at 10:54 am |

You wrote, “we are a little obsessed with Carol Hannah Whitfield”. who wouldn’t? Simply loved the ‘Gorgeous’ blush wedding gown displayed in the post. Also like the bridesmaid’s invitation cards … sweet.

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