Color Me Lovely – Peach Fruit Salad!

Summer is right around the corner and with planning a wedding, a Lovely fruit salad is in order!!  With your main color of peach, try adding another pop of color with purples, blues, and reds!!  Anything is possible for your special day, and with these hot summer colors, it’ll be a fun and Lovely day for sure!!  Mmm…fruit salad!

{Peach Popsicles}

{Rose and Tulip Hairpiece, Plum Ice Cream, Australian Sunset, Flowers and Chandelier, Cute Swimsuit and Cover Top}

{Vase, Provence, France, California Boho Style, Blue Balloons}

{Peachy Sangria, Peaches and Red Balloons, Beautiful Red and Peach Bridesmaid Dresses}





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