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Bridal Stylist- A Fête Champêtre

Today, we have a lovely little history lesson for you! Back in the 18th century–during the time of Marie Antoinette– french nobility used to escape the hustle and bustle of Paris and attend garden parties called Fête Champêtres. These fête’s–which were usually held in the gardens of Versailles–not only consisted of drinking, eating, and games but also served as the perfect escape from the difficulties of every day life. And while the term Fête Champêtres loosely translates to “country feast,” the theory behind these fête’s was simple entertainment mixed with elegance–hence the usual sighting of orchestras hidden in trees! Now, is it just us or does this sound like the perfect recipe for a lovely wedding? We think so.

Hold your ceremony or reception (or both!) in a vast field of flowers. Make the nature around the centerpiece of your setting.

(Top left and clockwise: 100 Layer Cake, Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette via Flickr, Alma Photography, Style Me Pretty)

When it comes to decor, think light and airy colors, an abundance of texture, and baroque details–gold trims, ruffles, and chandeliers!

(Top left and clockwise: Style Me Pretty, Tumblr, Tumblr, Style Me Pretty)

(Top left and clockwise: Style Me Pretty, Etsy, Delphine Manivet via 100 Layer Cake, Luna & Chloe Weddings)

Let the elegance and simplicity of a Fête Champêtre show in your bouquet. Perhaps pick the flowers yourself and purposefully make it look as if you just picked the flowers yourself on the way down the aisle. And most importantly, wear flats! You’ll be doing a lot of walking in fields and gardens!

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Real Wedding- Happy Anniversary!

This week we have a very special wedding to feature. Elisse is a brilliant fellow blogger, and friend of one of our own Lovely bloggers, so we thought, what better way to celebrate her two year anniversary than to relive her fabulous day! Let’s let these photos by RAD Studio take us back to that day, exactly two years ago when this sweet couple tied the knot! Between Elisse’s two fabulous looks, and the cute little quirky design details, this wedding is sure to make you smile!

Lovely: Tell us about THE dress, and what inspired your look.

Elisse: Simplicity and tradition.  I love the tiered look to the dress, and it was long enough to have the slight bustle.  And I knew for a long time that I had to have a long, cascading cathedral veil.  No ifs, ands, or buts about that.  As soon as I tried on my veil, it perfected the classic, timeless look I had envisioned. As far as choosing THE Dress, originally I was looking for a one shoulder-styled look, and had this fantastic Alfred Sung dress in mind.  My mind was completely changed when shopping with 2 of my girlfriends (Hannah and Jen), and Jen held up what ended up being THE dress. When I first saw it on the hanger, I thought, “Eh, it looks alright, but I guess I’ll try it on still.”  I put it on, opened the curtains, and just like people say, I knew it was THE one.  We all teared up, and I was ecstatic! When I saw that the shoes were named the “James” style, I knew it was meant to be (James is my hubby’s name!)  In designing my necklace with Aileen, I asked for three rubies to dangle on the back to represent me and my parents.  The single crystal quartz on the front represented my new union with James.

Lovely: What were the most important details to pulling off your dream wedding?

Elisse: Intimate, Thoughtful and Personal.  Whether it was our comic-themed reception guide, photobooth, or the photos of us we used as table centerpieces, I wanted guests to come out of the wedding learning something new about us. Also, great rapport with vendors.  I was very particular with choosing our vendors, selecting ones who could keep my anxiety levels low leading up to the wedding.  Especially in choosing our photographers, who spent the whole day with us.  Thankfully Ral and Danelle were a breeze to work with – they were able to capture our “it” factor and what makes me and James so geeky and goofy.  Everyone we chose were very professional, grounded, and exceeded our expectations.

Lovely: What was the most memorable moment?

Elisse: I can think of a couple of my favorite moments: LOVE songs – in order to get us to kiss at the reception, we asked guest tables to stand up and sing a song that contained the word “love.”  Almost every table got up to serenade us – some even twice.  A couple guests came up to the microphone and did solo numbers.  We were so touched by the joy and happiness that our guests shared with us.  Needless to say, I didn’t get to eat much of dinner because James and I were too busy smooching! Also, in a coming of age moment, I was heading out to do a dress change before the start of the reception and ran into my bestie, Sindy.  She grabbed me into the biggest, tender hug, and with tears in our eyes we reveled at the excitement of James and I starting our new life together.

Lovely: If you could give future brides any advice, what would it be?

Elisse: Release stress. Let go of any last minute stresses the night before the wedding.  There’s no use in stressing on your wedding day, and to be honest, your guests can tell by your expressions when you’re not happy.  Savor the moment and enjoy your wedding day!  It’s true that it goes by quickly!


DRESS/Veil: Bello Wedding World


Custom Crystal Quartz and Ruby Necklace:  Aileen Lau of Aria Industries

Shoes: Nine West

Floral Fascinator: Kasia Fink

Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands: MJ Jewellers 

PHOTOGRAPHER: Ral and Danelle Nicanor of RAD Studio

FLORIST: Proline Trading International


Make up : Tracy Lai

Hair Stylist: Louie Eng

Decorator: Tanya Peters of Milestone Events

Reception Venue: University Golf Club

Photobooth Vancouver

Cake: Anna’s Cake House

Be sure to check out all things Elisse here.

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The Lovely List- Friday Wrap Up

Happy Fashion Week! Between the runway shows, celeb sightings, and amazing ensembles parading around New York this week, we ladies here at Lovely have so much new inspiration to share!

Bold brides rock a statement neckpiece.

Some pretty crazy (and not to mention original) wedding proposals.

The cutest color coordination.

Time for Tea!

Oh, Sofia! First looks at Miss Coppola’s shindig.

A sweet little gift set for your sweetest of ladies!

Vintage typewriters make the most adorable props! Have your guest’s type little messages on these!

Less is More with these wedding bands.

Who’s ready for Lavender gowns?



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One Great Dress – What a Steal!

This week tea length dresses reigned supreme on the blogosphere, but this particular vintage find stood out among the others. Not only was this couple’s entire wedding adorable, but the bride found this stunner at a vintage warehouse for only twelve dollars! Can you believe it?

Photos by Steven Michael Photography

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You Light Up My Life!

Listen up, brides! Take a cue from the runways and steal the season’s hottest trend…neon! Don’t be overwhelmed, this isn’t a look only for the bold and daring. Here’s the key to remembering the Lovely way to incorporate this roaring craze into your big day: a minimal clean slate with splashes of highlighter!

Use a simple design with a pop of orange (Image via Cheree Berry Paper via Oh So Beautiful Paper)

Could you imagine a crisp white table lined with these brilliant candles? We can! (Image via rock that horse)

This neon tablescape looks absolutely stunning due to the minimal flower arrangements and the lack of knick knacks crowding the table (Image via Brooklyn Bride)

Not into the extreme table runners? Make a statement by dipping antique untensils in sunset hues
(Image via Sania Pell At Home)

These bright jewels have your guests names and table numbers written all over them! Don’t they look like stained glass chandeliers? (Image via Ruffled for Martha Stewart Weddings)

These neutral napkins are livened up with a bit of bright painted flowers (Image via The Purl Bee)

A gorgeous white dress with just a hint of highligther…THAT’S how a Lovely bride rocks a trend!
(Image via Brooklyn Bride)

These flashy kicks will shock and awe your guests when they peek out from under your white dress as you walk down the aisle (Image via Adam Barnes Fine Art Photography for Style Me Pretty)

How delicious does this clean white cake look atop this punchy stand!? One slice or two? (Image via A Fabulous Fete)

Your bridesmaids won’t stop beaming if you gift them one of these beautiful glowing satchels
(Image via Bohemia Design)

When it comes to your wedding favors, you can wrap your goodies up using cute paper, fancy doilies, and a little piece of washi tape (Image via Decor8)

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