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To Tan or Not To Tan?

There are a lot of brides-to-be out there who struggle with this question — to tan or not to tan? We’ve all heard the horror stories of tanning gone wrong for the big day, ugh! But, no need to fret. We’ve done a little research in attempt to aid you in your decision making process!

Feeling winter white? Let’s start with some simple questions — 1. Are  you naturally a bronzed beauty? 2. How do you normally get your glow on?

If you’re naturally bronzed and simply want a little glow, we would suggest using a tinted bronzer or shimmer powder. Our number one rule when opting for bronzer is to make sure you test it out ahead of time! Be one hundred percent sure that when applied it dries well and doesn’t rub off on clothes (ie your gorgeous gown), or get runny when you sweat (hello dance floor). Plan ahead!! We love Lorac TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer. It gives a gorgeous natural glow and dries quickly!

If you tan regularly or plan on relaxing at the beach before your big day (or perhaps taking a girls trip to someplace warm) lather on that sunscreen and be conscious of tan lines! We’ll save the tanning bed lecturing for later but if you do decide to use a tanning bed — don’t overdo it! It is SO easy to get burned in a bed, especially if you aren’t used to tanning in one. Go gradual and plan ahead!! Lastly, heed those tanning bed warnings, they’re there for a reason!

If you are going to get a spray tan again,  plan ahead and do a test run well before your wedding day. We suggest having it done by a professional where they custom mix a color for you and spray it on by hand. Avoid the automated machines (we all remember that Friend’s episode with Ross — hilarious, but not so funny when its your big day!) Book a test appointment with a professional at least two months in advance and have them lay the ground rules for you. How long will it last, will it rub off, etc. Lastly, stay natural. If you don’t naturally have dark skin don’t pick a dark shade! You want your glow to complement you and not become the star of the show!

So, to tan or not to tan? What do you think ladies? Will you attempt to glow or simply go au natural?

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One Great Dress – Mother Knows Best

Some brides have all the luck.  Not only does this week’s best dressed lady, Liz, look positively gorgeous in her wedding gown, but there’s a very special story behind the dress: it was custom made just for her by her mom, Elizabeth.  How lovely!

Featured on Lovely Little Details with images by Jill Thomas Photography

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Lucky Twice?

They say luck only comes once, but Lucky Magazine has proved that theory incorrect! We were Lucky last September, and we just got Lucky again!  xoxo for all of the love, Lucky.

And congratulations to our sister stores listed below!

Noticeably missing however, is a Los Angeles store…which is why Lovely in in the works to open an LA location!  Know anyone who wants to work at Lovely LA?  Send inquiries to


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Cool Photography

We love when couples have fun with their wedding day photography. Let your wedding photos reflect your personality and style. A good photographer will capture your wedding day with a creative, artistic touch and fresh ideas while having fun with you and your wedding party and family.

Photo Credits: Victor Sizemore Photography, Ksenija Savic Photography

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Bright Wedding Day Lips: Yay or Nay?

You may have noticed a makeup trend lately — bright colors for Spring perhaps? Well, we’ve noticed too and we want to know what you think. There’s something about adding a brightly colored lip to your look but is it too much? We’re quite fond and with all of the gorgeous shades there’s no lack of choices. Thoughts? Yay or nay?

Images via Southern Weddings,  Style Me Pretty, Wildfox

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