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Color Inspiration – Mustard and Turq

Color is a great way to instantly add a pop of festivity to any event! How cute are these colorful and playful bowties. Some color palettes are quite predictable, but others makes me think twice about mixing mustard & turquoise in event decor. Are you incorporating any cheery or non-traditional elements into your wedding?

Photo Credits:

Martha Stewart Weddings, JL Designs, Marie Claire, Décor pad

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Real Wedding – 1930’s Glamour in a Green Building

Our Lovely bride Charity wed her love Greg at the incredible Green Building in Brooklyn in a gorgeous & glamorous 1930’swedding that was inspired by the stunning Alix and Kelly gown she purchased from our shop!  This wedding is full of personal details, including one very special surprise for the groom!

Lovely: Tell us about THE dress and what inspired your look.

Charity: It’s cliché, but as soon as I put on the dress, I knew it was THE dress. Lots of other dresses were pretty, but this one was different. When I put it on, I felt like I was looking at myself in the photos my grandchildren were going to look at someday. I felt gorgeous in it, and I knew Greg would love it as much as I did. The dress actually inspired a lot of the rest of the wedding. I’d had sort of an outdoorsy garden wedding in mind, but once I found the dress, the wedding had to take a turn toward 1930s glamour to match!

Lovely: What were the most important details to pulling off your dream wedding?

Charity: There were a lot of little details that we had fun putting together and that made the night feel like ours.  One of the things I really loved: we didn’t have a typical wedding program. We put together sort of a booklet for the night. After the ceremony program pages, it included funny write-ups of everyone at the wedding, explaining how we knew them, a fake (and over the top) New York Times wedding announcement, wedding trivia, and other fun stuff.  It’s such a great keepsake for us.

Another fun thing?  We also made up dance cards for everyone! Since we had a sort of big band style band, we decided to go old school! We filled in one dance partner for each guest and then they filled in the rest from there. The most important thing, though, was the ceremony. Katherine Kurs, who officiated our ceremony, was so much more than just an officiant. She worked with us to craft every word. What we arrived at together couldn’t have been more meaningful and perfect for us as a couple.

Lovely: What was the most memorable moment?

Charity: I got choked up during the ceremony (okay, more than choked up. I cried.)  And Greg, who was holding my hands just held them tighter. I’ll always remember how that felt. And then another teary moment — later in the evening I surprised Greg by singing a little song with the band (“Almost Like Being in Love”), and he started crying, which did me in again.  I’ll always remember hugging him when I came off the stage.

Lovely: If you could give future brides any advice, what would it be?

Charity: Etsy is amazing. We got our invitations, our favors, our favor boxes, gifts for all the groomsmen and bridesmaid, gifts for our families, my veil, my hair comb, and a whole bunch of other wonderful wedding-related goodies on Etsy. All at great prices and delivered right to our door!

DRESS DESIGNER: Alix and Kelly purchased at Lovely

ACCESSORY DESIGNER: A little shop on Etsy called Cleobelle

PHOTOGRAPHER: Three Winks Photography

FLORIST: A dear friend’s mother! The wonderful Veena Malik.

CATERER: Fancy Girl Table

WEDDING PLANNER: The bride & groom, with guidance from Fancy Girl Table

VENUE: Green Building in Brooklyn

BAND: Michael Aranella & His Dreamland Orchestra

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One Great Dress – Sweet Intricacy

We can’t stop staring at this completely lovely and delicate gown that Meagan wore when she wed Jared at their Californian garden party wedding featured on Project Wedding.  The doily-inspired sleeves and adorable lace tights earn this ensemble its honor as our dreamy winner of the week.

Photos by Natalie Neal

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Real Weddings and a tearful/cheerful video

Remember this?  Well what about this?  We love our Melanie, one of the best stylist at Lovely! CHILLS!

Kluger Wedding from Barnaby Draper Studios on Vimeo.

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New Year, New Dresses and New Idea at Lovely!

You have been waiting for the Escalante, you have been calling for the Sonara, well my darlings, they have arrived!  We promised we would e-blast when they graced us with their presence, but because we do not want to clog your inbox unnecessarily, we have decided that in 2011, we would be posting all new gown arrivals at Lovely on our FACEBOOK page.  Please ‘like’ us and you’ll learn of all new arrivals on the day they arrive!

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