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Away On Vacation…

Bloggers are recharging. Chat with you in a week!

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Une Grande Robe – The AGAPAN!!!

You’ve asked for it, and Lovely is getting it. The Agapan dress by Delphine Manivet will arrive in store in September. We have had one bride say she can’t imagine getting married in any other dress, so how could we not get it in stock?

It has been really fun sharing my French favs with you this week. Au Revoir!

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An American and a Frenchman in Paris – Love Shoot

So now that you have seen my version of Paris, I thought I’d share it in even more glory by posting these photos from Jos Photographers, an international award winning photography team who specializes in lifestyle and wedding photography. What is a lifestyle shoot you ask? Well it’s any shoot that captures you and your honey (or family) in a laid-back normal state of affairs. Consider it your personal paparazzi. Since Paris provides the most amazing backdrop for photos, we highly condone packing up your wedding dress and toting it over for a lifestyle photoshoot next time you visit with the hubs. There is no statute of limitations on this idea…it can happen on your honeymoon, a year later, or a decade later. Jos Photographers is up for the challenge!

My friend Jazz and her husband Alex had the good luck to have two weddings, one in the US and one in the French countryside. But they still took advantage of a trip to Paris to get some great shots with high glamour. Check back next week to see more pictures of this couples weddings and the amazing events they created around their joyous union! And we’ll tell you about THE dress!

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An American in Paris – Part Yummy

As they say ‘Macaroons are the new cupcake’. However, there is nothing new about macaroons or La Durée, as it has been around since 1862! La Durée is the most amazingly fantastic macaroon and tea shop that makes eating a macaroon even more Lovely than you thought it could be. La Durée now has shops around the world (umm..hello come to New York please!) and a trip to Paris is not a trip to Paris without one quick visit.

They even have their own fragrances and a cute little delivery truck. The shop is such visual eye candy, and the colors are sweet as sin.

Speaking of sin…check out my Parisian lunch of La Durée, Perrier and Rosé! Très Français!

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An American in Paris – Part Deux

I went gaga when I set out on my stroll through the Louvre gardens (called the Tuillieries) and stumbled upon a circus. It was such a fun juxtaposition of one of Paris’s major historic monuments and the bright cheerful colors of le cirque!

After doing a little digging, I realized that the modern circus we are familiar with originated in England. So you’ll see lots of English and French words on signage. Or some Franglish like ‘New Yorkais’

This cute French boy jumped into my shot when he realized I was taking pictures. And that crepe with ham and cheese…my mouth waters just looking at that picture. How cute would a little crepe stand be at a rehearsal dinner, with cute star paper to wrap them in!

One thing that the French circuses have much more of is CANDY. The seem to skip the savory and jump straight into the sweets. How else can you handle going on those rides without a sugar rush?

More sweet treats for you tomorrow…

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