Our Story

What look would be complete without some Lovely accessories? Styling out a wedding look is one of our favorite things to do and we have no shortage of fun baubles and veils to chose from.

You will find the following at Lovely:

Untamed Petals: Hair Accessories and Sashes

Lo Boheme: Hair Accesssories

Twigs & Honey: Hair Accessories

Erica Koehler: Veils and Jewelry

Ti Adoro: Jewelry

Ivy & Aster: Sashes and Shrugs

Elizabeth Dye: Shrugs

Tessa Kim: Hair Accessories

Our assortments change monthly, so make an appointment to pop in and find some goodies. Many items are sold 'off the rack', meaning you should buy it when you love it because it may not be there tomorrow! We also highly suggest taking time during your dress pickup to chose your favorite items, as that is the perfect time to see it all together.